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My name is Olivier Nadrin, a 30-year-old Belgian with a strong background in communication. Having traveled extensively for my previous job, I have gained valuable experience and a unique open-mindedness. I spent one year living in Canada, where I immersed myself in intensive training in video and photography.


For the past four years, I have specialized in content creation within the automotive industry. My aim is to capture the beauty and essence of cars, showcasing them through creative and captivating images and videos.


Additionally, I have founded a company called WAYDERS, specializing in motorcycle customization. With a team of passionate individuals, we work on unique and tailor-made projects, bringing our expertise and creativity to fulfill our clients' dreams.


I am constantly seeking new challenges and exciting collaborations. With my passion for visual communication and in-depth knowledge of the automotive field, I am a versatile and dedicated professional, ready to take on any projects entrusted to me.

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